Passion projects – what’s in it for you?

Passion projects are what I call adult hobbies. No, not that. I’m referring to investing your time and energy in projects that broaden your horizon, enrich your mind and nurture your soul. Passion projects allow you to focus on outcomes that don’t include performance reviews. Because your efforts aren’t being evaluated on pre-established KPI’s or being monetary or competitively incentivized, the drive will inevitably come from another stream of consciousness.

Passion projects can also be an opportunity to give back. For me, this blog where I share my experiences in the hope that they can benefit someone else, is a passion project. Being a contributor of Circle Women is a passion project as female empowerment is a subject I’m close to. Outdoor boot camp is another passion project – well, maybe that one’s a necessity but I’m passionate about it.

I have learned that the biggest growth comes from the school of life and passion projects allow me to decide which courses I want to be a part of. Rather than spending those free hours on Netflix or procrastinating about your to-do list, consider doing some soul searching to realize what drives you and turn that into a passion project. It will give you energy, widen your personal (and professional) network and maybe even make an unforeseeable contribution to society.

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