What motivates you?

The next promotion, the next job title, the next challenge, making impact, helping others. What motivates you every day? How do you stay motivated after reaching the goal you set for yourself aeons ago or even earlier this year?

My theory is that if you either do what you love or what you’re really good at (the two needn’t be mutually exclusive), that translates into tangible and lasting motivation. I spoke to various professionals who I respect and whose achievements make me feel proudly. They’re at the top of their game and I wanted to know exactly what motivates them to give their 100%.


“Knowing that you can use your experiences to help others see their situation differently and turn what might have been seen as mission impossible into mission doable”Rashik Parmar, Technical Executive Europe at IBM.

Seeing those succeed who I have mentored or guided gives me the most satisfaction – those people have also remained part of my network and whilst reciprocation is never expected, it always occurs” – David Salmon, Head of Business Improvement at Lloyd’s Register.

“We stubbornly believe that simple loving care, embracing nature and authenticity can help us find peace in an increasingly complex and image driven society. We believe this is infectious and we like to infect as many people as possible and allow the critical mass of positive energy bring about change in the world”Aleid Warmelink and Doby van de Berg, Co-founders at Sharanam Retreats Majorca.

“To know that I’ve had a positive impact on the world, improved lives, and had fun along the way”Kartik Kumar, Co-founder and CEO of satsearch.co.

“Fear of failure. I believe that a big part of success in life is luck/circumstances and if you are given a shot to succeed, then you ought to take it and give it your all. Also, I am a big believer in hard work and meritocracy. If I work hard, I’ll get there. That’s not always a given in life, so wherever the principle holds, I go hard. I also don’t think I deserve anything just like that. I think you need to work for everything you get” – Fariza Kadieva, Vice President at Lazard, London.

“What motivates me are people, what motivates me more are clever and intuitive people and what motivates me the most are clever and intuitive people who are nice. I draw inspiration from people and I have learned that it’s a myth that nice people can’t get things done. If I can be successful , and help to make others successful, and be nice whilst doing it, that to me is motivating”Jonathon Dillon, Commercial Director North Europe at DNV GL.

“Would you consider the sight of this to be enough of a motivating factor in your job?” – Paul Mooney, GCP Auditor and Clinical QA Consultant at SMS Oncology.

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What motivates you

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