Are you helpful?


I have often been told that I am a helpful colleague. I mostly attribute this to my roots – Pakistan is a collectivist nation and helping someone out isn’t uncommon. Then again, I emigrated over twenty years ago and have effectively spent most of my life in a Western European culture which endorses individualism.

Is being helpful necessary? No. Is it rewarded? Sometimes. Can it take time away from your own to-do list? Possibly. Does it elevate your personal brand? Most certainly!

How can you be a little more helpful in the workplace?

  1. Consider putting yourself forward for an assignment which supports your peers or manager but doesn’t necessarily fall under your scope. You will learn something new and position yourself as an enthusiastic and reliable team member.
  2. If you don’t have capacity to help, explain that you would like to but cannot afford to because of reasons x, y and z…

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